the benefits and need for Nigerians to be taking soybeans Experts explains

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23 Dec

Experts in the Food and Nutrition industry have encouraged Nigerians to regularly consume soybeans as one of the protein-rich foods to curb malnutrition and reduce the high rate of protein deficiency in the country.They gave the advice at a recent webinar, themed, ‘Nigeria’s Protein Deficiency Challenge: Soybeans To Rescue.’A professor of Human Nutrition at the Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, noted that Soybeans was one of the protein-rich foods in Nigeria.Olayiwola said the lack of sufficient protein in the human body would automatically lead to malnutrition.According to her, protein-rich foods were essential for growth, bodybuilding, repairs and replacement of lost tissues, adding that proteins protect against infections, boost the immune system, support metabolism, as well as provide a source of energy to the human body.She said, “Protein deficiency is a serious problem that is prevalent in Nigeria. In those days, we used to refer to children that were suffering from protein deficiency as children with Kwashiorkor, but these children can be treated.’’The don said it was unfortunate that Nigeria in the last 20 years had been battling protein deficiency, saying many children under the ages of five were malnourished.Also, a nutritionist, Mrs Josephine Chukwunweike, advised parents to give protein-rich foods to children under the ages of five in order to build a healthy nation.Chukwunweike said Nigeria’s workforce could only be productive when a substantial number of its population were healthy and productive. She advised the Federal Government to include Soybeans flour into the making of staple foods.A community nutritionist, Mr. Charles Nkwoala, stressed the need to educate Nigerians on the benefits of consuming Soybeans and other protein-rich foods. He said the branding and packaging of Soybeans were essential to attract patronage from Nigerians.

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