Keyboard shortcuts and the meaning in Microsoft word

1 min read
10 Jan

if you are looking for the keyboard shortcut in Microsoft word to enable you use Microsoft world very well, you are in the right place just keep reading down

Ctrl + A = is used to highlight all the text In my document or to select a text to delete  

 Ctrl + b = makes the selected text to be bold 

Ctrl + C = to copy or duplicate the selected text

 Ctrl + D = is to display font dialog box or to duplicate object in Microsoft world 

Ctrl + E = to align the selected text to the center 

Ctrl +F = to find test for replacement 

Ctrl + G = to go to any line of the document 

Ctrl+ H = to replace text after you might have find 

Ctrl + I = to create italic on selected text

 Ctrl + J = stands for justification 

Ctrl + K = it is used to highlight the already existing document Ctrl + L = is to align the selected to left

 Ctrl + M = is to increase indent on the selected test 

Ctrl + shift +M = to decrease indent 

Ctrl + N = to create new document 

Ctrl + O = to open an existing document

 Ctrl +  p = to print a document

 Ctrl + Q = Ctrl + R to align text to right 

Ctrl + S = to save subsequently 

Ctrl + T = to create indent 

Ctrl + U = to underline a selected text 

Ctrl + V = is to paste copied text

 Ctrl + W = is to close window 

Ctrl + X = is used to cut selected text for pest 

Ctrl + Y = is used to redo 

Ctrl + Z = is used to undo

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