Donald trump achievements in office

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14 Jan


below are some of the crucial achievement recorded by Donald trump as the president of united states. among all these there are still many not mentioned.

 America Lowest Unemployment In 50yrs (3.5%)

A President that Defeated ISIS within Months and Stopped international terrorism sponsorship to its lowest ever

 A President that gave the lowest Corporate Tax for Small and Big Businesses (15%)

A President that gave America the greatest economy and stock markets in Decades

 A President that Made Iraq to recognize Christmas as a Public Holiday

 A President that Brokered Peace Deal Between  Israel and Almost all his Arab Neighbours

A President that Made King of Saudi to Allow Women to now Drive and Vote

 A President That Ended Radical Islamist Terrorism in the USA and Many Countries like Syria & Iraq

A President That Even Lifted the Ban on Nigeria from Buying Weapons which Obama imposed in order for us to Defeat Bokoharam

A President that Made Many Manufacturing Jobs come back into the USA And Start Producing A President that Gave African Americans the lowest unemployment rate in history.

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