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18 Feb

Going through a post on Facebook about 6yrs ago I saw a similar name in the comments, Mary Williams. The Mary Williams I know was my course rep while in school. I wanted to overlook it since there are thousands of people bearing such name but somehow I clicked on the name and went directly to her profile and behold it was my course rep. Out of curiosity I sent her a friend request which she accepted almost immediately and we got talking, she was married and blessed with kids just like me, I went to her photos to get a glimpse of what her life presently looks like, looking at her photos alone already explained much to me; she and her husband are doing well averagely, yes they are doing well but they are not in anywhere to be compared to us.

 U come to dressing? I wear designers! She told me she is very happy in her marriage but I know for sure that she is lacking money, she dresses well according to her photos but using my own life to compare with hers is not possible. I looked at their sitting room from one of her pictures and I saw that they still use Nigerian made cushions Now let me tell u about myself, we live where we pay 1.2million per year, very beautiful abode oh my God u need to pay us a visit, friends envy us, our curtains are designers, our cushions are purely made in Italian, we changed the tiles of the house to a very unique tiles design, our house is just heaven on earth even though we are heavily on Debt, yes u heard me well, we took loans from banks to achieve this but it's nothing to worry about, my husband works in a good company and his salary is very fat so within 1-2yrs we will be free from debts and I work too, we have 4 latest cars, I mean latest though two of the cars are still on debts but we are sure to pay up for them soonest. I wanted to ignore Mary since I saw that she is not my class but when I learnt that she is in a town very close to us I invited her to my home, I felt pity for her too and I've learnt to accommodate people disregarding their circumstances, indeed all fingers are not equal😥 l was even surprise to see her driving in, I couldn't even believe they had a car but nevertheless the car is nowhere compared of ours, she is simply living an average life, she came in and admired our beautiful home, she praised my husband for such a beautiful Paradise, My hubby asked her what her husband does for a living and she said he is just a business man, she is a nurse by profession, hubby smiled and went inside leaving us to talk, we talked at length and she left , before she left she invited I and hubby for a dinner in her home, hubby refused but I persuaded him. When we get to her home it was just exactly what I saw in her photos on Facebook, very comfortable home but not much expensive like ours, everyone is moderate, I can see disappointments written over hubby face, no designers in that home, yea it is beautiful and neat but not expensive to boost esteem, hubby suggested they apply for a loan to support their business but the couple were so reluctant about it rather they ask us to go into the dinning room for the dinner we came for, we had a delicious meal and and enjoyed a good time with them At a time I wanted to use the restroom and as I was heading to the rest room I saw something that shocked me, I saw an award printed with Mary's husband photo indicating that he owns 43% share of GUNIS GOKOP COMPANY, that was exactly the company my husband works, the person I know that owns 14% share of the company is a billionaire I mean very rich, how much more of someone with 43% shares? I ran back to the Sitting room and called hubby, everyone followed me because they saw fear all over me, I showed hubby the award print and he stood starring at it for over 10mins, the couples were just watching us, he suddenly left the scene, he left the compound without taking the car keys to drive home, I know he has gone weird probably because of guilt because he thought we are much better than this couple not knowing that they are even the one paying him his salary, I wanted to leave silently but Mary drew me back, she sat me down while her husband went to the sitting room, she started lecturing me on how to live moderately and comfortably in order to meet a better tomorrow, she told me many things that made realised how much we've wasted good money on unnecessary things, as she was talking I was only nodding like agama lizard, I left and went to meet my husband drunk, thank God he became better the following morning but he was silent at home since I came back, In the evening Mary and husband visited us, I envy this couple a lot, simple lifestyle is a cure to many problems, they came and we had a deep discussion, they help calmed my husband😥, during our discussion I got to know that they are the owner of the very house we are living in😥😥😥 we rented the house through an agent and we asked to see the owner of the house but the agent assured us that we are in save hands, so I was living in her house and was thinking that I am far better than her? They gave us many tactics of living a good and affordable life, my husband bowed to her husband's simplicity, They left and we started planing for a way forward, within few weeks hubby sold our 4cars😥 he took some money from it and got just one affordable car, people started talking but we closed our ears, we used the remaining money to pay up our debts, the first night after the debt payment I discovered that I slept more peacefully We moved into a cheaper apartment, sold off all those experience properties and bought affordable ones, our house looked so beautiful and cool, we realised multiple millions after selling off those properties, we saved up and spend less This is 6years now and we just launched a magnificent mansion, an estate, a supper market and 8 filling stations , my husband stopped working long time ago because we are now employers of labour💃💃💃 all these were achieved from the same money we always squander few years back and do u know the most beautiful thing? I can confidently afford that big life now in fact I can do more than that without my pocket feeling it , Mary and her husband are Gods' sent in our home as they really changed our mindset that brought a huge change. 

THE END (Credit to the unknown writer)  

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