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26 Feb

Skills is of those tools of life that equips an individual for the journey of life and it has being proven that those ho has skills in life stand better chance of making it than those who has no skill. 

In the field of skills, there are some which seems to be very competitive than others and at same time very lucrative so in this write up am going to show you the 3 top most sought after skills in 2012.

 Information they say is power you might be surprise to find out that the things you have being neglecting to learn or do can fetch you a better life, when you acquires it as a skill.

  1. Graphics design: graphics is the art of designing or bring tow more element to form a beauty from human imagination, combining colors and words to form a nice look of an object , many companies this days looks for a better designers in terms of graphics, because graphics speaks more about life and its beauty.
  2. Web design: this are the people who design the outlook of websites on the world wide web, it is another recruiting skills as we have moved into a global village everyone want to own a website means of interacting.
  3. Programming : this to me is the highest of this top most sought after skills of 2021 programming is the act of commanding or programming a computer or machine to execute a particular action in a particular point in time, this skill highly sought after on daily basis because many companies have adopted the technology means of survival and they need programmers so therefore they are highly in demand.
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