the importance and challenges of community policy in Nigeria

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The importance of community policy:  the importance of community policy cannot be over emphasized , because it help and it the only system of policy that get to the people because it has to do with grassroots  governance which gets to the directly , this community policy affects the people directly and so therefore it has its importance and challenges , looking at the importance of community policy in Nigeria one will quickly say that community policy has being of great benefit to the masses and communities . The importance is as follows: 

  • Economic growth: through the community policy program many economic growth programs are being establish in community areas of the society that way the citizens of the society can tap in the program and use it to boost the community economy and that of the  state or society at large
  • Rural development: through community policy rural development is attracted to the community this is one of the major ways by which development comes to the community or rural areas, some this development are. construction of local bridges, construction of curvets, construction of market, constructions of pipe borne water etc. and many of them that comes through community policy. Community policy in a way is good because it is the only by which families which is known as the smallest part of the society can get involved in decision making in the society . at the community decision system the people knows what their problems are so they are bound to make policy that will solve that their problems they know the areas in which they are lacking behind so they will bring it to the decision making table to make some policies about that.
  • Security: most of the security issues faced in the society rest on the arms of the community policy system as it the smallest organ of decision making close to the people It is generally accepted that the principal role of government in any society is to provide security. No doubt, security is the ultimate for all times, climes, peoples, and nations and “unless one can be assured of his physical security or safety, everything else will be meaningless” (Kupoluyi & Nwogwugwu, 2015). According to Imobighe (2003), without security, individuals within a state will find it difficult to engage in productive activities. Similarly, without security, the state is bound to experience great difficulty in harnessing its human and material resources towards meaningful development and the promotion of the general well-being of the people. The internal or domestic security of a country is very crucial for the attraction of foreign investments, as well as nation-building and national development. Foreign investors would prefer to go to investment  

destinations that are regarded as secure (Kupoluyi & Nwogwugwu, 2015). 

Over the last decade, Nigeria had experienced tremendous security challenges, ranging from militancy in the South-South geo-political zone, ethnic conflicts across the different geo-political zones to terrorism and insurgency in the North-East geo-political zone of the country. The terrorist insurgency in the North-East appears to be Nigeria’s worst security threat in the last few decades and had exposed some deep-seated lapses that had long existed in the governance process in the country (Nwogwugwu & Abioye, 2015). The UNDP observes that the incidence of citizens not trusting the state to adequately perform its statutory duty is not a uniquely Nigerian problem; rather it is something that had been observed amongst several states

So with this security there came the need to bring up community police policy, with this policy of community police one can say that there community policy is very important in any society as seen above that it helps in the area of security

  •  Maintaining  Cultural heritage:  community maintain their cultural heritage through community policy making , in this decision making they tackle issues relating to their culture and how to maintain their cultural heritage to keep going high and high, it is only through this community policy system will the community have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen their cultural heritage, because it has to do with them and know their culture very well so it will help in solving cultural problems. 

 Challenges of community policy: one will ask weather community policy making has challenges , the answer will not be so strange because everything on earth has its own challenges but its ability to overcome it is the great success and accomplishment. The community policy system in Nigeria has challenges facing and of which some of this challenges we know and  some we don’t know . 

  • Interference in decision making from super bodies: it is no longer a new thing that many systems in Nigeria lack system Autonomy, by system autonomy I mean the power to make decision based on the system without having super authorities coming in, this is one of the challenges community policy system in Nigeria faces and seek to address, but HOW WILL THEY ADDRESS THE ISSUE?  I think the issue can be solved by granting autonomy to this systems to operate and make policies for themselves once the policies are not against the constitution of the land
  • Lack of adequate materials for policy making:   the community policy system in Nigeria is faced with this great challenge of not having Adequate material needed for community policy making, so this has made community policy system in some areas of the country a shadow of its self as they continue to use material and environment not conducive for decision making to make policies
  • Lack of qualified personnel’s:  community policy system is faced with the challenges of not having qualified personnel’s to do the work, so the people that engage in the decision making of the community policy are not qualified and there by they don’t do well , this is a great challenge facing the community policy system in Nigeria as people who are not qualified to do the work are doing the work  .
  • Lack of structured system:  Many community policy systems in Nigeria don’t have structured systems in most of this community policy system. That makes it very difficult for people to believe and work with their policies because it seems like child play to the people and that alone is posing great challenge to the community policy system.


In conclusion community policy is as an organ of policy making in a country is very important and should not be over looked or taken for granted for it has its importance in the country as it helps to make the country grow and become better in the future and its challenges should not be over looked ,it must be face and tackled to the last for a better society. 

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