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2020 has not being a good one for some and to some is their best year ever,but in generally we know that 2020 came a a lot of challenges to almost everyone most especially the global health challenge cause by the outbreak of corona virus ,the outbreak of corona which saw to the closure of all the activities of the world over a period, this outbreak affected countries, nations, communities, families and to say humans generally. This melt down the world economy and many countries went into recession as a result of this deadly disease call corona virus.  No one saw this this nobody knew it will happen this way, if all knew it will happen everyone will have being prepared for it but because it came as a shock many did not survive it while many did . With this one may be quick to ask how do one prepare for a New Year full of uncertainty, New Year full of fears and anxiety and worries. This write up is aimed at discussing the effects of corona virus and possible lessons to learn from it 


The impact or effects of corona virus  is no longer new to us, because many believe that corona virus has come to stay, but the question is has the effects of corona virus also come to stay with humanity and if yes how do man cope with it 

  • Economic meltdown: we were told and we saw how economy crashed as a result of corona virus which came with it a special lockdown all over the world, record has it that companies all over the world were shut down as a result of this global pandemic ,and many country went into recession as a result of the global pandemic and the poverty rate increased in some underdeveloped countries, human beings will not wish for a year like this ever in history but humanity have got no choice other than to live with it and still excel in all ,as a result of that many companies started laying off their workers as they could not maintain to pay them again there was loss of jobs everywhere, there was hunger

  • Lost of human relationship: many people were separated from their loved ones as a result of corona virus, many were forced to stay away from their loved ones, families, neighbors, classmates, course mates, fiancés in the name of not contacting the deadly diseases. Many were forced to become island of on their own as they were asked not to come outside to avoid contacting the virus, but one will look at this from different angles.  The emotional trauma, the psychological trauma, many were forced to commit suicide as a result of this, many watched their loved ones died as a result of this virus, then one will quietly ask when will man overcome this effects of corona virus, to some they feel like the world should come to an end that very moment they lost contact with families, loved ones friends and well wishers.

  • Technological breakthrough: everybody is complaining about the effects of the corona virus but everyone has agreed that there was technological breakthrough as a result of this pandemic, during the corona virus lockdown big companies asked the staff to work from home. Companies like FACEBOOK , GOOGLE  ETC  asked the staff to work from home, humans know that a day will come when man will work from the comfort of his home, but man never epexted it this soon it was as a result of corona virus, many schools were learn from home, Robots were serving humans in many eatery, there was increase in technology as everybody wants to be safe from the virus  all this came so fast as a result of covide-19 pandemic so even when man continues to list loses and pains covid-19 has caused him, he will still agree that corona virus has shaped many things in a way to suit human for easy and stress free life, many now work from home and earn well, they don’t need to travel miles and beat traffic just to be a the work place, I think covid-19 made this come so fast than many expected .

In conclusion man corona virus has visited man like August visitor, but in this situation many scholars and researchers have said that covid-19 have come to stay with humanity just like other sickness, so what will man do since this virus is so deadly than other sickness that has being fallen man and how will man cope with this virus, at this point man has not choice other than to take those measures that has being put in place and abide by it so that all can be safe from this deadly disease, taking medical advice when necessary and keeping fit, is nothing to fear about is time to extend hands to your friends who have being affected badly by the virus, is time to show love to those who is suffering the virus the most, is time to offer prayers for humanity because there is nothing impossible for our creator God to do, with love, care affections and many other ways we shall come out of this victorious and strong and by then everything will be normal and we will celebrate again, we will not need face mask again, we will grab our loved ones without maintaining social distancing, then we all be proud we came out this strong

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