21st century oil magnets

          The 21st century is known for scientific breakthroughs in every aspect of man’s life and it has come to stay the world-changing in its ways of operation that is as a result of science and technology making life a bit easier and stress-free, things have changed from what it used to be starting from the mode of transportation to machines taking over the mode of production down to the world of social media which makes interactions much easier than before, how then will man benefit from this such innovations and change? Stay with me in the work as I take you down to expose your minds to what the 21st-century oil magnets are.

          Before now few individuals have access to oil wells that are stored on the ground, but with the scientific revolution of the 21st century, there are many oil magnets other than have normal oil and that’s what I will show you in this write-up. All you need is to keep reading and keep your mindset. The 21st-century oil magnets we are going to discuss here are YouTube, social media, and affiliate marketing. etc I know what is going on in your mind right now, is how this thing are oil magnet? And that’s what we will discuss in this work to help you uncover the hidden truth about these tools in the light of the 21st century.



          Yes, I believe you know what YouTube is right! Yea a place you go to watch your favorite epics and movie jokes to relax your mind body and soul. But what if I tell you there is more to YouTube than you think, you may not know but after going through this. Before telling you the truth behind YouTube I want to take your mind back to the 19th century when technology was not much in existence, and there was no means of exchanging content. If you are a tutor, farmer, the pastor there is no means of reaching out to other sets of people from different environments, but guess what a pastor can preach right from his local church in Nigeria and it will be heard from every part of the world in as much as he is saying the right thing and making sense. Back to where we are you can see the difference yourself between then and now. The big question is, how is YouTube an oil magnet.

          I will answer that with a few words and we will be done. YouTube gives you the opportunity to reach out to people and still pays you for that is that not a ritual! For instance, if you are a pastor YouTube will pay you for having a channel with them. Why will YouTube choose to pay me? It is every simple YouTube will choose to pay you because you are creating values, that which you do is value creation and at the same time adding value that’s why YouTube will pay you. For instance, if you are a mathematics teacher, you can use a YouTube channel to be solving mathematical problems to enable students to learn from home, if you are a baker if you can teach people how to bake from your house while you run your physical baking and YouTube will still pay you. If you are a farmer you can teach people how to produce certain farm products and YouTube will pay you heavily for that without knowing you, no matter what you do YouTube can pay you from anywhere in the world today. Now you see that YouTube can actually pay you for having a channel with them and working with that channel all you need is a smartphone and data.

To get started and learn how to build and own a YouTube channel.


Social media

          Made people know what social media is but only a few know what social media can do and the power of social media, many people think and see social media as a space for making and catching fun, jokes, and nothing much. But social media is bigger than that. By social media here we mean Facebook, Instagram, etc. one of the benefits of social media is that it helps you connect to the world, and you know what that means the connection of people you have determined the amount of wealth you will get, banks today will not survive without individuals, and as such, no business will survival without human because they need humans to keep the business flowing. If people are not using Facebook mark will not be as rich as he is today. So social media helps you connect to people across your continent, with social media you can travel to the seven continents of the world if possible you can travel to space, yes I mean space are you surprised? If yes you don’t need to be because social media connects every corner of the world including the space. Then how is social media an oil magnet in this 21st century, Facebook and Instagram, etc. will help you advertise your company, business, skills and it will bring potential customers is that not amazing yes it is, you may see it as something that is not big but I must tell you social media is more than an oil magnet, for instance, you are selling tomatoes at the local market in Ebonyi state Nigeria where you have only 200 customers a day and sell #1000 per one it means you make #200,000 a day. Facebook will help you increase that revenue by 50 percent, how.

Facebook will do that by simply allowing you to run advertisements and Facebook will carry your advert to all states in Nigeria and you know what that means. Let’s check this if Facebook takes your product to all states reaching 1000 potential buyers and out of that 10 percent which is 100 buys your product hope you know what it means. 100 * 36 = 3,600 that will be total sales from the 36 states in Nigeria and if you check it will be. #1000 per tomato * 3,600 customers = 3,600,000.

          That will be 3.6 million a day, it cannot be compared to the sales you make when you have not run Facebook or social media ads. So know that time anything you open your social media you open an oil wall, is left for you to decide whether to fetch from the wall your own oil or watch others fetch while you keeping having fun.

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Affiliate marketing

          What is affiliate marketing? In a few word, I will explain what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing in simple terms means helping people sell their products while they pay you, as simple as that it does not require many things all you need is just to market another person’s product/goods and you get paid.

          Let me shock you, do you know that Amazon did not have any store what they do is affiliate they help people sell their products/goods that’s while they have almost anything you want to buy in this space, is it not amazing? I know you are thinking what am thinking right now, all you need is just to get started affiliate marketing does not stop you from doing your normal business but gives you the advantage to make an extra income. Here are the list of affiliate companies to start with.

List of affiliate companies to start with.



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